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Piezoelectric Anion High Voltage GeneratorPiezoelectric type high voltage generator based on piezoelectric ceramic transformer core components of high pressure equipment. Piezoelectric ceramic transformer is made of material with piezoelectric properties after sintering and the frequency of the deviceview more>>
Pulse Frequency IntensifierPulse frequency intensifier is a kind of corona discharge power and potential treatment effect is enhanced pulse voltage generator, it is negative ion generator and discharge type discharge electrodes and potential therapeutic treatment with electrodes are used. Pulse frequency intensifier is a kind of nonlinear purely physical components, it is a natural negative ion can produce equivalent to the patent products. By it produced negative ions, negative ions and nature can help functions of adjusting human body's enginery and have good effect to improve and maintain health.view more>>

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Shanghai WoeIon Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech enterprise established since 2009, which is the leading provider of anion technology solution . After years’ of research and development, the company holds numbers of patents and exclusive anion technologies. With the technological advancement, the company is able to design & construct products that is able to constantly produce stable, healthy and safe negative ion without releasing any pollutants including Ozone, Static electricity or Positive Ions.

During 2010 World Expo, Multiple pavilions, including but not limit to UN pavilion, Canton Pavilion and GM Pavilion, adopted Shanghai WoeIon’s anion generation system for air quality improvement purpose. Shanghai WoeIon were honored as the Sole Designated Air Quality Improvement Product for previous mentioned Pavilions. Again during 2015 Milano World Expo in Italy, Shanghai WoeIon anion generation system were adopted by multiple pavilions and was awarded as Chinese Creative Brand Top 10 and Honorary Recommended Products in Anion Industry by CWB forum.

By maintaining advanced technology and high quality, Shanghai WoeIon Health Technology Co., Ltd. established cooperation with different industries varies from health, home appliance, car and is always open for possible future cooperation. 

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